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Playground of Creativity

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Playground of Creativity
Music, Environment, Photography, Literature, Art, Media, Books, Film, Sports, Culture, & Life

This is a community where you can share anything from the worlds of music, environments, photography, literature, art, media, books, films, sports, culture, and life. This includes (but most definitely is not limited to) rants, fan fic, reviews, your own personal works, sharing material from your favorite innovators, creators, writers, or artists, or whatever. Anything goes!

1. Creative criticism is welcome, but be courteous. Point out strong points. The line between a flame and con crit is not that thin, and flaming will result in banning from the community.

2. Do expect some criticism when posting your own work. Hopefully you will get positive reviews, but don't be the little t00b that yelled "Flame!" the first time someone gives a suggestion on how to make your work better.

3. Taking credit for someone else's work is considered plagiaristic and will absolutely not be tolerated. If you are discovered to have claimed someone else's work is your own, you will be immediately banned. This is not to say you can't post something by another artist to show it off, but if it isn't properly credited, there will be hell to pay. Savvy? And that brings us to…

4. Give proper credit if you are not posting material you did not write or create. Just in case you missed it above.

5. We will not tolerate material that is considered "trashy." Pornographic or vulgar posts will be deleted and you will be asked to re-think the post and try again. If it becomes a constant problem, you will be removed from the community and possibly banned from it. This is not to say that nudity, sexuality, or strong language isn't welcome as long as it's done in a creative or artistic fashion.

6. Unrelated community plugs will be deleted without warning.

7. Netspeak and sticky caps will not be tolerated. Posts containing either will be deleted without warning. The grammar, spelling, and caps rule may be bent in the name of art, but typing LyKE dis!1~*8*~~* is not artistic, it's plebian and hard to read. Use common sense.

8. Please don't post "Hi! I'm new to this community! My name is Susie Q. and I like art. Come comment on my journal, 'cause I am the uber-cool lykeomg!" introductions. That can be done in your first post of substance. It helps keep the community neat and on-topic.

We don't really care how you compose your posts, and we probably won't punish you in any way even if you don't abide by these few guidelines, but we're asking very politely that you do this.

When posting a piece of visual artwork (this includes art, computer graphics, and photography) here in the community, please use the lj-cut tag if the file either has extremely large dimensions or is of high resolution. If you don't cut it onto a separate page, it will cause the entire community page to load very slowly for those of us still on crappy modems.

If you do not know how to operate the lj-cut tag, please visit the LiveJournal FAQ page for assistance.

The account name for the Playground of Creativity Community (i_missed_you) was derived from the song "Stay" by Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories. Visit Lisa's official website if you're looking for lyrics!

Community Staff

Original Creator: slayerlovex
Current Owner: elohvee
Moderators: [positions available, contact the owner if interested]

Owner's Contact Info

If you need to reach me (elohvee), send me an e-mail at teh.slayer@gmail.com or IM me (LarienBelle on AIM, candytheplebeslayer on Y!M, larienbelle@hotmail.com on MSN). I promise, I won't bite, unless I'm suffering from caffeine withdrawal or haven't had a frappuccino in over four days. Note that the owner can be hurried along in any tasks around the community if you bribe her with Starbucks. She certainly won't object.

Now, hurry along your merry way and go be creative.

art, books, culture, environment, film, life, literature, media, music, photography, playground of creativity, sports