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Wed, Nov. 5th, 2003, 01:13 am
whoaminobody: Veteran's Day Poem(Uncle Mark's Revision --I love his opinion)

“Remember for those who forget”

holding him
looking at him
watching him take his last breath
blood everywhere
explosions in the background
and all I do is stare
tears form in my eyes
as I watch his life drain from him
I hold him tighter and shake
I cry out as tears stream down my cheeks
screaming "NO!"
Shaking him
over and over and over again
wanting him to come back
wanting him to still be
"NO! It's not fair!" I yell at the heavens
"Come back, come back," I whisper to him
slowly I begin to put him down on the ground
realizing the explosions are coming closer
I realize my decision
I realize that I have no choice
I realize what I have to do
I let him fall the few inches to the ground
"Goodbye," I whisper and kiss his forehead
as I rip his dog tags from his neck and run
and run and run and run
tears spill from my eyes and are carried away by the wind
revealing all my sadness
revealing all my fears
I have no time to recover
no time to say my goodbyes
no time to say what I wanted to say
no time
no time before death takes
and destroys the wall around my heart piece by piece

the wind brushes through light-brown gray-streaked hair
piercing blue eye stare at the name on the wall
a large hand reaches up
fingers press into a name
caressing it like it was his face
I see his face
I feel the regret but understand and accept
looking down in my other hand
slowly I reveal the dog tag that I kept
it was his
it belonged to the man whose name is written on the wall
that flash
that wound
that thought of him torn from me reopened
tears spill from my eyes and are carried away by the wind
"Not enough time. It's not enough time," I whisper into my clenched fists

"But you remember," a familiar voice whispers
I look behind
no one's there
just a voice from the past
reminding me
that for all the pain I 've gone through
for all those who have been lost
and all the suffering done
I am still here to remember
to remind us all to remember
those that fought
fought for us all
I am still here to remember
that you may know what happened
that you may know the truth

Be strong Soldier
be strong for us
Remember Friend
Remember for those who don't know -- or never knew
Tell Brother
Tell those who don't know
so that we will all know and remember
and prayfully never have to say the same "Goodbye"

How can you say "don't have the time!"
When each of the names on the wall found the time to give a life time
it won't be enough
it never will

(revised)LMF Nov 05, 2003

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